Suggested Uses for the Brief

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Brief IEPs may be utilized for any IEP Meeting that is not an Annual.

Suggested Uses for Brief IEPs

The following list outlines suggested uses for Brief IEPs:

 Note: Refer to local operating guidelines regarding use of the Brief.
  • Any meeting that is not an annual.
  • Dismissal and/or DNQ ARDs.
  • Manifestation Determination Review ARDs.
  • Review updated evaluation data.
  • Make changes to instructional accommodations.
  • Make changes to state testing accommodations.
  • Add/Remove related services.
  • Add goals and/or objectives.
  • Correct Instructional Arrangement (PEIMS) code on Section IV. Determination of Services to be Provided page due to clerical error.

Related Forms: Contact Log, Notice of IEP Meeting, Procedural Safeguards Log
Required Fields: Brief IEP Date, Services Start Date, and Parent 1 Name.

From the Student Forms page, choose Brief Individualized Education Program (IEP) from the Student Forms dropdown menu; then, click New Draft.

Complete/edit the additional sections, as needed. (The data will import from the last locked ARD/IEP.) A Notice of IEP Meeting is required. (Click on the SE Manager User Guide from the Home screen of the application for more detailed instructions on the Individualized Education Program Meeting form.)


Dismissals and DNQs

For Dismissals and DNQs, the suggested sections to be completed include:

  • Brief IEP Meeting title page
  • Section I. Review of Evaluation Data
  • Section II. Determination of Eligibility
  • Section IX. Committee Membership
  • Section X: Deliberations

Since the schedule page is not included in a Dismissal or DNQ meeting, a Services Start Date is required on the Brief IEP Meeting title page. Upon locking of the Dismissal or DNQ ARD, the program will automatically change the student’s status from an active status to Dismissal or DNQ on the Program Compliance screen.

 Note: Once the status is no longer Active (i.e., Active, Initial, Private/Home, Transferred) a student’s forms can no longer be unlocked. If the meeting needs to be unlocked, a district administrator will need to change student’s status back to an active status so changes can be made.