RTI/MTSS Student Status Reminders

Use these tips to keep your student files up to date.

  • Students who have either left the district or are no longer receiving RTI/MTSS support should have an RTI/MTSS status of "Not Active." This manual change must be made on the student’s "Program Compliance" tab.
    rti not active.png
  • Any student who is no longer receiving tiered instruction at a particular tier level should have a "Not Active" "Tier Status" locked on the last plan created for that tier. The "Status Updated Date" should also be updated at that time.
    not active status.png
  • The following reports provide a roster of "Active" RTI/MTSS students. These reports can be accessed by clicking on Reports in the top navigation menu, then Programs - Response to Intervention.
    rti mtss reports.png 
    • Students Campuses and Grades
    • Student Directory
  • We recommend that you routinely check student statuses throughout the school year.