Basic RTI/MTSS Reminders

Use these tips to get the most out of SuccessEd's RTI/MTSS app.

  • Follow your district's procedures when addressing any prepopulated data that appears on RTI/MTSS forms.
  • The "Date Entered Tier" field at the top should remain unchanged.

tier date.png

  • The Strategy to Address Concerns box needs to be completed in its entirety.


  • You can leave the "Instructional" and/or "State Testing Accommodations" boxes empty if the student does not require those accommodations.


  • The "Status Updated Date" at the bottom of the form should reflect your last meeting date.

tier and status.png

  • There is green on-screen guidance to assist you in completing the information required for your parent letter.

green instructions.png

  • A student should be made Not Active on any tier in which they are no longer receiving support.

not active.png

  • RTI/MTSS program reports pull information from locked and draft "Active Tier" forms.

assessment report.png

  • It is recommended that you lock your "RTI/MTSS Tier" form following your RTI/MTSS meeting.
  • When a student is no longer supported by the RTI/MTSS program, you must manually make the student "Not Active" on "Program Compliance."

rti not active.png