Missing Student (504 Report)

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Have you tried to run one of the Section 504 reports, but your student does not pull into it? The instructions below offer a few troubleshooting techniques:

Forms Still in Draft:


  • Pull the student up via SE 504 and look to see if his/her forms are still in draft. If they are, lock the forms and the student will begin to display in your reports.
  • Reports in which information from the Section 504 Student Services Plan will pull into include: Section 504 Compliance, Section 504 Dyslexia Services, Section 504 Related Services, Section 504 Student Accommodations, Section 504 Students with a BIP, and State Assessments.
  • Is the Section 504 Evaluation form still in Draft? For students to pull into your Section 504 reports, they must also have an Evaluation Decision on Program Compliance indicating the student currently has a plan in place. Since Evaluation Decisions are determined via the Section 504 Evaluation form, you must make sure this form gets locked.

Evaluation Decision on Program Compliance:


  • If an evaluation has not been completed for some reason, you will want to address the Evaluation Decision on Program Compliance for the student. Go to Students, search by last name or first name, click the yellow pencil to the left of the students name and go to the Program Compliance tab. Once there, scroll down to Section 504 and choose the appropriate Evaluation Decision from the dropdown and Save the screen.